Shortwave Listening – Part 2

It is quite amazing that over the 4th of July there was plenty of activity on the shortwave bands.  With North Korea test launching a “ICBM” they were more than happy to brag about it on the limited broadcast schedule that they have.

The South Koreans, Japanese, and Chinese were all broadcasting their concerns of what appears to be happening in North Korea.  It was eye opening to learn that he has tested missiles 17 times since taking power.  That is more that is father, the previous ruler, tested during his entire time in power.

Shortwave Radio Listening

I do a fair amount of traveling and camping as well.  This allows me to do a little shortwave radio listening.  While there are not as many stations operational today as there once were it is still interesting to listen to people from around the word.

I have a couple of smaller radios that are about 1/16th the size of the radio that got me interested in the hobby in the first place, the radio shack DX-100.  Growing up I used to go to a small barber shop where they had a DX-100 that I could listen to when I would go in to get my haircut.  Who would have ever thought that something so small would have such an impact on me.

So, I am going to get back to listening and enjoying a station from New Zealand.

Back again

Well, after another stalled start to keeping my blog up to date I am at it again.  I really need this outlet to speak my mind and improve my writing.  Sometimes my mind works faster than my fingers.  I have to work on it.

The heat wave continues

We are in the middle of a heat wave. Thankfully I can come home from work and jump into the pool. While the pool is a little warm by swim standards it does cool you down. You even feel a little cold when you get out.

Hopefully our temperatures will drop about 10 degrees in the near future. That make is easier on all of us.  Well, that does not look like it is going to happen any time soon.

Time to jump into the pool that is 90 degrees to cool off.

Why 1 and 1 is giving me headaches

About 3 years ago I decided to change to 1 and 1 as my blog host.  Everything was running smooth, that was until I decided to run a WordPress update.  Then my blog became corrupted and unusable.  Their customer support was less then helpful to say the least.  I was told at least twice by 1 and 1 support that my domain was not pointing to my WordPress blog.  How funny, run an update and it crashes your blog.  It is quite disappointing that this is what a host has become.  Give us your money and we will give you little to nothing.

Evil Cowboy Hot Sauce

The Evil Cowboy Bath For The Chicken
The Evil Cowboy Bath For The Chicken
Almost Ready To Go On The Grill
Almost Ready To Go On The Grill
The Final Product
The Final Product

A few weeks back I attended Zest Fest in Irving, Texas.  It was filled with vendors from around the US showcasing theirs hot sauce and salsa products. There was also BBQ sauces and rubs to be had as well.  This is the third time I have attended this event and every time it is slightly different.  It is a real good time and I encourage you to attend.

While I am not a fan of the ghost pepper one particular vendor caught my I.  I have to admit, the logo sucked me into go to their booth.  After talking with the guys from Evil Cowboy hot sauce I had to try it.  Wow, it was great.  Not a burn your face off sauce but an honest nice smoky flavor sauce with some heat.  So, I had to buy it.  I was excited to use it as soon as possible.
I made some bacon wrapped chicken nuggets marinated in Evil Cowboy sauce for a recent campout.  They went fast and everyone loved them.  So, if you are looking for a tasty ghost pepper sauce give Evil Cowboy a try.


Bye Bye Nissan

Yesterday we traded in our 2013 Nissan Pathfinder.  Being a new(ish) car we never expected it to start to have engine trouble with less than 70k miles on it.  It was a well maintained vehicle and it really surprised me that Nissan would not stand behind it.

I was able to provide all the service records to the dealership and still no help.  The service manager claimed that they have never heard of this issue before on the Pathfinders.  I guess he does not know how to use Goggle.  I found plenty of issues at this website here.  It is unfortunate that I found this website after the fact.  After buying seven Nissan vehicles in the past I think that I can safely say that this was our last.  Their quality is gone and their customer service is lacking.

Meeting The Podfather

A few months back I had the opportunity to meet Adam Curry.  As a child of the 80’s the first time I saw Adam was on MTV.  While being a VJ began his career in our eyes the man behind the videos is much more exciting.  Learning that he was as geeky about radio and aviation as I am only made it more exciting to meet him.  Heck, the man is credited with developing the podcast.

Today Adam is the co-host of the No Agenda Show Podcast.  It is truly the best podcast in the universe.  Adam and John C. Dvorak, the shows other host, make up an interesting duo.  One must go into listening to No Agenda with an open mind as some of the information presented will make your brain hurt (in a good way).  Fans and supporters of the No Agenda show are called producers as they are a huge part of the show itself.  As producers there are meetups so like minded individuals can get together to discuss the show and numerous other topics.  One such meetup is where I had the chance to meet Adam and speak to him.  He was very gracious with his time and made an effort to speak to everyone there.  While he may have the celebrity image he does not act that way.  I look forward to my next opportunity to speak with him.